Melanie's Presentation

"I really enjoyed Melanie's presentation. She seemed very real and genuine and laid back, yet passionate. I loved the way she could handle four different parts of the meal at the same time and her attitude through it all. It was different and great to see someone have such a relaxed approach. I feel like Americans are always in a rush and no one has time to be patient and relaxed like her when it comes to food. Her attitude and energy definitely showed in the quality of the finished meal. Everything was delicious and the flavors mixed so well. I honestly loved all of it. The soup was amazing and I can't wait to try to make it for myself and family. If the macrobiotic diet can be that good, I might just switch to that lifestyle. I loved her lesson on energy in food. I never thought of it that way before. I work with food at Subway and I am a barista at a coffee shop in town, so now when I make the food with positive energy instead of the negative, annoyed, frustrated energy like before. I believe that will make the customer really enjoy the food and be happy afterwards. I learned so much from her. I would definitely recommend having her come back for future classes. Also, I was worried about being vegetarian and someday raising my kids the same as me, but she helped reassure me that it is healthy and also easy. She is very wise. I would love to buy some of her books for myself and also for friends. I want to share the knowledge she gave me with everyone. I think her perspective could change our society and even the world."

Student at West Chester University

Menu Planning

"Thank you so much for the menus. I recognize that you have gone beyond what was expected, and I appreciate it so much. I share your warmth and generosity with my family as I am able to share food with the people I love. This gives me such pleasure."

Rita Tamburrino

Women's Gathering 2011

"The weekend - a dream come true. Such a joy to spend a long weekend with a group of wonderful women, cooking, laughing, playing, learning, laughing, creating, planting the seeds for future endeavors. I can't wait for the next gathering."

"I experienced the power, creativity, and supportive nature of women. The feeling of love was everywhere, including the food. It was relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Loved the sharing or knowledge, cooking tips, and ideas."

"It was a time to re-group. I learned all over again the "Joy" of the kitchen. The sound of chopping, the smells, and the laughter. The time was perfect. Melanie, Barbara & Mary anticipated our every need. Liked the hikes. Loved sitting at the table and savoring the meal we all helped to create. Thank You!"

"I was so delighted to come together with like minded women to share macrobiotics. I love that we shared ideas, cooking & the events. It so nice to feel empowered with so many strong & positive women. This has taken me to another level in macrobiotics. What I liked most about the event was cooking together & learning new ideas. What I liked the least was not having enough time to do everything. (I missed some of the events)."

"How would I describe my personal experience? This weekend with these amazing women made me realize how much power and strength I have inside me. The energy of the weekend and the voices of the women helped me to tap into my own voice and to impress upon me that I do not have to be afraid to express my feelings, needs, power and happiness any more."

"The overall experience was one of a feeling of belonging to something bigger than myself. As long as I am here I am never alone. There is always someone to call who can support me with a sisterly shoulder to pour my feelings out to. I got so much info on cooking, handling stress, dealing with difficult people, being healthy, etc. But most important, there are role models in us for all ages."

Cooking Classes

Melanie's cooking classes teach a lot more than how to make a beautiful soup, a nutritious starter or healing main meal, her books can tell us that.

As I watched and listened I realized that she was generating magic through her alchemical knowledge of the universe. For what is cooking if it is not Alchemy? She is a true cooking adept - her cutting, chopping, mixing, pressing, flows smoothly without pause. Her commentary - discipline and spontaneity merged.

I was entranced as Melanie's off the cuff comments relating to her beloved Macrobiotics revealed her deep immersion and understanding of Energy itself. I know I have seen cooking become loving in action, a beautiful mastery to aspire to now in my own kitchen dance. Thank you Melanie!

Carol Rudd

Cooking Classes

"Melanie's cooking classes have made it easy for me to love and eat natural foods every day. The variety and delicious food prepared and savored in her home has kept me coming back for more. Thanks to Melanie's classes, my children have made healthy changes to their diet. What more can I say ...... she has taken whole foods cooking to another level."

Barbara Robbins - owner of Mykonos store

French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp

Getting to know you and spend time with you was a highlight of our time at French Meadows. Your warmth towards others, even those you do not know, openess, love of what you are doing, knowledge and experience, ability to convey and express your thoughts and ideas clearly, with humor, were all well received and much appreciated by all.

Barbara Johnston-Brown

Cookery Course at Concord Institute London

'Dear Melanie, Thanks for such a wonderful and inspiring cooking course. I learnt so many tricks, different ways of cutting, cooking styles, and how to mix and combine different ingredients. I've also discovered new flavors! Your creativity, gentle flow, passion and respect for food made all that possible.'

Gema Lopez Sanchez

Cookery Course at Concord Institute London

"Thank you for the wonderful cookery course. It was well planned, informative, inspiring and great fun. I've already practiced quite a number of the recipes and I'm now working in a more organized and peaceful way. Much love and blessings."

Pauline (owner)Violet Hill Studios, Center for the Healing Arts

Eat Me Now Book

"Thanks Melanie for writing the book; Eat Me Now. It is brilliant! I have searched for years for something just such as this book, which tells me exactly what to do, and when to do it, and then how to do it. It's a real step by step and for someone like me, who is more scared, I think, than thick, it is a massive help, so a million thank yous, really."

Loads of love and sunshine.


Eat Me Now Book

This book is a valuable contribution to Macrobiotics. It eases the beginner in leaning how to eat according to its dietary principles without the intimidation one might expect when beginning a new healthy way of eating. This is also a great book to carry in your handbag when cooking away from home. It was difficult to keep the book on our shelf because everyone who saw it wanted to borrow it. A friend told me that it was the first time she was able to remain on the diet due to the simple yet very flavorful recipes and clear explanations Melanie describes in the book. Many of our friends have purchased the book. I refer to it as the Contemporary Macrobiotic book because Melanie presents ideas in a way that others have yet to do. We also noticed that her presentation of the diet is not as rigid as most Macrobiotic books. Another wonderful aspect about the book is that the ingredients for the recipes were much easier to find than with other books on the subject. You may want to order two books because it has a tendency to want to be borrowed. We are extremely pleased with our purchase.

~ Andy Nicola (9 ki and I ching master)

Yummy Yummy in My Tummy Book

"My friend kindly lent me your book Yummy Yummy in My Tummy and I must say it is so wonderful. In the past, I found Macrobiotic overwhelming and difficult but your book is just different."

~ Martina Kinman (mother of 11 month old baby girl)

Coaching And Private Cooking

"My husband Jeff and I have been relishing Melanie's cooking on a regular basis. DEE-LICIOUS! Healthy, creative and fulfilling meals. Terrific personalized attention. We LOVE having Melanie's meals on Monday - what a great way to start the week! One of Melanie's three course meals can often be eaten for two days, there is so much food! Soups are especially spectacular! Thank you Melanie!"

~ Becky Austill-Clausen, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA (President, Austill's Rehabilitation Services, Inc.)

Coaching And Private Cooking

"Melanie, just wanted to let you know how much we love the salt rock lights. Ever since we put one in my daughter, Sarah's room, she has been sleeping soundly - yea!!! My Mom loves hers as well and everyone that has seen them wants to know where I got them. thanks again."

~ Noel Dutton

Coaching And Private Cooking

"When I was referred to Melanie by a close friend, I didn't realize that this experience would deeply change my life. I learned from her as a teacher and friend and was greatly inspired by her appreciation for life, her love for children and her genuinely creative nature.

Melanie's vast knowledge of food and its relation to well-being is profound and impressive. Her teaching style is casual, supportive and fun. She made me feel relaxed while demonstrating great exactitude and care in handling food. Her teachings remain with me everyday and continuously help me and my loved ones to grow in health and happiness.

Melanie makes cooking and caring for children fun! Her food is literally the best I ever tasted! She understands how women are intuitively nurturing and gave me a fresh and wholesome perspective on how I would want to raise my children. Thanks to her I know how to look and feel great! I became a happier person and love my life."

~ Nadine Filbry (Operations Project Manager)

Coaching And Private Cooking

"My 15 month old daughter and I both are having a wonderful time with your book 'Yummy Yummy in my Tummy'. We've been using your recipes exclusively now for one month. The food combinations and various cooking methods you use in your recipes are real winners with my daughter. When we sit down to eat she gets quite excited and wants to taste everything first to see what's on the menu this time. Your dip recipes are fantastic, my daughter enjoys them so much that I must limit the amount of vegetables I give to her at one time or she will over fill her mouth.

As a mom, it is a real joy to know that when I've finished preparing a healthy, whole food meal that my daughter is not only going to eat it but that she is going to be excited about it and enjoy it. Thank you from both of us for publishing 'Yummy Yummy in my Tummy', it has given me wonderful assistance in nourishing my 15 month old daughter with whole food meals. The tips, home remedies and nutrition guide are all very helpful. I'm hoping that you will choose to publish another cookbook in the near future. Sincerely,"

~ Betty Sweet

Coaching And Private Cooking

"I have been eating Macrobiotics since 8/06 and have been taking Macrobiotic cooking classes from Melanie Waxman since 9/06. Prior to this, I had gained a lot of weight, my blood pressure was on its way up and I had high cholesterol. Since eating macrobiotics, I have lost 40 pounds and have normal blood pressure and cholesterol. I have had people tell me my skin looks wonderful and I feel terrific.

Melanie's classes are held, very informally, in her kitchen, surrounded by her children and dogs. She is extremely creative and her classes provide me with the incentive to stay with my new way of life. Each class focuses on a different topic and we get wonderful recipes and handouts so we can practice the dishes at home. The best class for me was the 'hands on' where we participated in making the meal and were given advice on how to improve our styles. The end of the class is always my favorite because we get to enjoy all the dishes that were prepared and shown. And... Melanie is a terrific cook. I leave feeling invigorated and inspired knowing that this tasty food is so good for me."

~ Carol Maeder

Coaching And Private Cooking

"Dear Melanie, Inviting you here was the best step we have taken by far, after starting the journey in the first place. What a breath of fresh air, and at a crucial time. Your cooking is at such a high level, and you offered much more than even that. It was important to me to meet a normal, real-world person who is Macro - a free-range one, no less! - and you have made a great difference."

Jamie Painter