Startling Facts Linked To Chemicals In Our Food Supply

1. We now use about 10 lbs. of pesticides per year for every man, woman and child in the U.S.

2. Humankind is in danger of not being able to reproduce within 50 years; thereby creating the decline in population in unindustrialized nations, which would bring on an economic collapse.

3. Some foods, such as regular peanut butter, average over 10 different pesticides in one sample.

4. 110 out of 144 communities in Ohio have 4 or more herbicides and insecticides in every glass of water. These chemicals are not removed by water treatment such as chlorination.

5. Endocrine interrupting pesticides can alter the sex of a child during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. In some cases, causing a person to have traits of the opposite sex.

6. Chemical exposure often causes more problems in children than in the parents who were exposed.

7. A person living in Omaha and drinking city water consumes the maximum amount of atrazine (a spray used on corn fields) in only 2.6 years.

8. Chemicals used to control mosquitoes in the 60's saved 6 million lives from malaria. However, the residue in soil and crops may last for 100 years, and the benefits may not offset the losses in the next decade.

9. Household cleaning solvents and lawncare products are now creating health problems.

10. Four solvents used in plastic food containers volatilize and now appear as residues in over 20% of our food.

11. If a person eats a normal amount of fresh non organic fruit from a supermarket on a daily basis, in one year they will have also consumed about one gallon of pesticides.

Source: FDA Total Diet Study, "Toxics A to Z" by Harte, et al, and www.

To help lessen the effects of pesticides choose organic ingredients, wash all produce, eat a varied diet, use natural cleaning products and make sure your yard is pesticide free.