Organic Foods

Why Organic?

Organic foods are a wonderful way to enjoy ingredients in their pure and natural state. Yes, they may be hard to find and often more expensive but they are worth it. They are pesticide and chemical free and are incredibly beneficial to your health. In a world where we aren't sure how our foods are produced, this is very important. The value of organic foods not only helps your and your family but they nurture and help the earth too.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is a wonderful method of producing high quality food in harmony with the environment. The plants are grown in healthy, fertile soil, which has a balanced supply of nutrients. The soil is enriched with compost, cover crops, rock minerals and natural fertilizers. This helps to produce healthy produce, which naturally resist pest problems and provide us with nutritious and wholesome food.

Insect pests, plant diseases and weeds are controlled by crop rotations, mechanical cultivation and biological controls such as plant derived sprays and resistant crop varieties.

How do Organic Foods Benefit You?

Eating organic foods will help you to maintain and improve your strength, stamina and vitality. The flavors of each unique, organic grain, vegetable and fruit are enhanced and your cooking will taste delicious. Organic foods also help you to develop a natural appreciation for the earth. Enjoying foods that are closest to their natural state will help you to feel connected, experience a deep sense of belonging and to feel part of the bigger picture.

Highly processed foods or those full of chemicals and preservatives create the opposite effect and create feelings of separation. They weaken and defuse the link between you and your world. In general, refined foods tend to have a desensitizing and disorientating effect.

By eating locally grown, organic vegetables you are not only improving your health but also that of the planet. By supporting the efforts of organic farmers, you are showing your care and gratitude for the health of the world.